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ESTIV 2024 - 22nd International Congress of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro

The 22nd International Congress of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV 2024) will be held on 3rd – 6th June 2024, in Prague, Czech Republic. The meeting will be centred around the theme, ‘The Application of NAMs in Drug Discovery and Drug and Chemical Safety Assessment’. Unilever’s involvement in ESTIV 2024 will include presenting many aspects of our collaborative research through oral and poster presentations.

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Tuesday 4th June 2024

14:00 – 16:00 Session 4a: Computational toxicology – in silico modelling, read-across, artificial intelligence.

  • Case studies for SARA-ICE Defined Approach for Skin Sensitization – Application to Different Chemistries. Emily N. Reinke1, Judy A. Strickland1, Dori Germolec2, Jim Truax1, Joe Reynolds3, Georgia Reynolds3, Nicola Gilmour3, David G. Allen1, Gavin Maxwell3, Nicole C. Kleinstreuer2 (Inotiv1; NIH/NIEHS/DTT/NICEATM2; Unilever3)

Wednesday 5th June 2024

11:00 – 13:00 Session 6a: Toxicokinetics and in vitro–in vivo extrapolation

  • A workflow for true dose considerations of in vitro test systems which are used as part of next-generation risk assessment. Evita Vandenbossche-Goddard1, Beate Nicol1, Charlotte Thorpe1, Richard Newman2, Hiral Patel2, Dawn Yates2 (Unilever1, Charles River Laboratories2)

15:00 – 16:00 Debate Session and Panel Discussion: Future of the validation process – where do we stand?

  • Debate on the recent development and sustainability of concepts of validation studies with experts from industry, regulatory fields, EURL-ECVAM and NGOs. Prof. Dr. Paul Carmichael (Unilever)

16:30 -18:30 Session 7a: Case studies for successful use and implementation of complex in vitro models

  • New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) for use in Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) for Systemic Safety: A pragmatic approach to ‘validation’ by establishing protectiveness and utility. Prof. Dr. Paul Carmichael (Unilever)

Thursday 6th June 2024

9:00 – 10:00 Session 8a: Developmental Toxicity and Developmental Neurotoxicity (DNT)

  • Evaluating the ReproTracker® assay as a NAM for developmental and reproductive toxicity testing. Jade Houghton1, Magdalena Sawicka1, Luke Flatt2, Iris Muller1, Amer Jamalpoor2, Alistair Middleton1, Beate Nicol1, Marleen Feliksik2, Giel Hendriks2, José Manuel Horcas-Nieto2, Mark Liddell1, Sophie Malcomber1, Claire Peart1, Joe Reynolds1, Gopal Pawar1, Katy Wilson1 (Unilever1, Toxys2)
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