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Animal-Free Safety Assessment (AFSA) Master Class launched


Over the past four years, SEAC scientists have been working closely with Humane Society International and Animal-Free Safety Assessment (AFSA) collaboration partners to create the AFSA Master Class e-learning course.

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The AFSA Master Class focusses on the safety assessment of cosmetic products and their ingredients without the generation of new animal data and covers all aspects of how to support a robust exposure-led safety decision.

This unique course enables students, industry professionals and regulators to understand the information generated from non-animal tools and approaches (including New Approach Methodologies – NAMs) and how to use them in decision-making. The materials covers all aspects of building an assessment from basic first principles through to advanced Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) case studies.The ultimate purpose is to support global capability and capacity building in the science within the regulated and regulatory communities globally.

Dr Julia Fentem, Head of Unilever SEAC, said, “The safety of the cosmetics and personal care products that consumers use and trust every day is of the utmost importance. Our unique AFSA Master Class program is focused on the safety assessment of cosmetic products and ingredients without generating new animal data, and covers all aspects of using non-animal tools and data for internal company decisions-making as well as regulatory safety assessments.”

The AFSA Master Class program comprises the overarching principles for constructing the safety assessment process from beginning to end in 8 online interactive learning modules:

  1. Problem formulation
  2. Consumer Exposure
  3. Exposure-based Waiving
  4. History of Safe Use
  5. In silico Tools & Read-Across
  6. Internal Exposure: Dosimetry
  7. In Vitro Data Synthesis
  8. Overall Risk Assessment

A ninth module aims to provide an overview of the global regulatory landscape for cosmetics and chemicals.

The AFSA Master Class is available to all, free of charge, via the AFSA Collaboration website:

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