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Non-animal framework for Occupational Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) published


Unilever and several partners have developed a non-animal framework for occupational next generation risk assessment (NGRA) which can be followed to ensure the safety of workers.

Adam delivering a presentation of this work at the Annual British Toxicology Society (BTS) congress

Over several years, scientists at Unilever, Clariant, Vantage-Leuna and expert consultants at ERM have developed a tiered, iterative non-animal NGRA framework for worker safety assessment. The framework involves estimating the amount of chemical a worker is exposed to before comparing these estimates with thresholds for bioactivity determined through a variety of in vitro bioactivity assays to make safety decisions. This framework was applied to a real-world case study chemical to demonstrate how NGRA approaches developed for consumer safety can be adapted to assess worker safety and paves the way for a shift in how worker safety assessments are conducted.

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