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Our Science

SEAC’s strategic scientific focus areas are Safety without Animal Testing and Environmental Sustainability Science. These are underpinned by our digital capabilities.

our science

Our research collaborations directly inform our safety and environmental sustainability assessment capabilities. We use case studies to illustrate how we integrate these capabilities to deliver safe and sustainable products and ingredients without animal testing.

Safety Without Animal Testing

Safety Without Animal Testing

Unilever is committed to ending animal testing globally. We use the latest non-animal safety science, not animals, to assure the safety of our products and the ingredients in them

Environmental Sustainability Science

Environmental Sustainability Science

Unilever’s ambition is to be the global leader in sustainable business. We have been using life cycle assessment (LCA) approaches for many years to assess the environmental impacts of our products

Case Studies Updated Image

Case Studies

Real-life and hypothetical case studies to demonstrate how our leading-edge safety and environmental sustainability science capabilities are applied

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