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Climate change is no longer merely a problem, it is an existential threat to humanity. Human activities and choices are causing ever-increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, which are driving catastrophic system-level changes to our climate.

These greenhouse gas emissions occur across the entire value chain - from sourcing of raw materials, via mining or agriculture, to product manufacture, distribution, consumer use, and disposal.

Understanding where, how, and why these emissions occur across our product value chains is a difficult but vitally important challenge, that we are tackling using modelling approaches.

Our Work

Our research is focused on developing and applying leading edge life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies and thinking, so that we can improve the accuracy and representativeness of our life cycle models. We will then apply these approaches to evaluate ways to reduce GHG emissions from our products and activities.


Publications, presentations, posters, videos and learning materials for Environmental Sustainability Science

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Tools & Approaches

Tools and approaches that we use in Environmental Sustainability Science

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