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Degradation and loss of nature is occurring globally and at rates unprecedented in human history. The loss of natural habitats (driven by human activities that cause land use changes, climate change and pollution), is driving biodiversity loss, degrading water quality, and threatening ecosystem functions and service provisioning.

The United Nations (UN) Convention on Biological Diversity has proposed a global framework for managing nature. It outlines a plan for conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of biological resources. Inevitably this implies transformational change in society’s relationship with nature. Companies across all sectors have a significant role to play in delivering to global targets and this requires a comprehensive understanding of impacts and opportunities for delivering positive outcomes for nature.

Our Work

It can be challenging to assess and quantify impacts on nature, but this is key to enable us to evaluate options to minimise adverse impacts, contribute to regeneration efforts and frame these in the context of biophysical constraints (e.g. planetary boundaries).

Natural systems and the human activities that directly interact with these, e.g. agricultural production, are characterised by large spatial and temporal variability which is difficult to adequately capture. Existing and potential impacts on biodiversity are particularly difficult to estimate.

The challenges include; biodiversity monitoring, characterisation of cause-effect pathways and difficulties in describing the multiple dimensions of biodiversity.

We are working to address some of these challenges, prioritising activities that will help inform the choice and sourcing of renewable raw materials as well as investments in restoration and conservation activities.


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