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Society Of Toxicology Annual Conference 2021

SEAC scientist presented at the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Conference which was held virtually between 12th – 26th March 2021. For full details of the event please visit the SOT website.

Unilever Oral Presentations

  • Exposure-based toxicity testing and translation into global requirements – Dr Matt Dent
  • Utilization of Human Evidence for Testing and Assessment of Chemical Sensitizers – Dr Ramya Rajagopal

Unilever Poster Presentations

  • NexGen Risk Assessment (NGRA) for Skin Allergy: Use of Coumarin in Cosmetic Products, Ab Initio Case Study – Georgia Reynolds
  • Next Generation Risk Assessment Approach for Inhalation: Polymer Case Studies – Dr Iris Muller
  • Application of clinical benchmarks to NexGen Risk Assessment (NGRA) decision-making for skin allergy: use of historical clinical experience to define low risk cosmetic product market exposure – Dr Gavin Maxwell

Collaborator Presentations with Unilever Co-authors

  • Development of a Reference List of Chemical Respiratory Sensitizers to Facilitate Evaluation of Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment – Kristie Sullivan (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)
  • Utilization of Human Evidence for Testing and Assessment of Chemical Respiratory Sensitizers –Dr Jessica Ponder (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

SEAC authors were also honoured to receive two best paper awards from the Risk Assessment Speciality Section (RASS):

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