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Safety & Environmental Sciences

Safety & Environmental Science

Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC)

Around the world, 3.4 billion people use a Unilever product every day. We want consumers to be confident that Unilever’s products are safe, for them and the environment. In collaboration with a wide range of partners globally, the multi-disciplinary team of scientists at Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) has a vital role to play in ensuring that Unilever’s innovations are designed to be safe and environmentally sustainable without animal testing.

We believe that engaging in discussions with all stakeholders helps build a better understanding of our scientific approaches and promotes trust in our science-based decisions. We openly share our research and how we apply scientific evidence to ensure the safety and environmental sustainability of the ingredients used in Unilever products.

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Our Science

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Safety Without Animal Testing

Unilever is committed to ending animal testing globally. We use the latest non-animal safety science, not animals, to assure the safety of our products and the ingredients in them

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Environmental Sustainability Science

Unilever’s ambition is to be the global leader in sustainable business.We have been using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approaches for many years to assess the environmental impacts of our products

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Case Studies

Real-life and hypothetical case studies to demonstrate how our leading-edge safety and environmental sustainability science capabilities are applied

Partnerships & Collaborations

We are proud to be working closely with leading scientific authorities around the world, including academic and government scientists

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About SEAC

Our purpose is to protect people and the environment by ensuring the company’s innovations and products are safe and sustainable by design

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We regularly organise and participate in external events that bring together safety and environmental scientists

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Our most recent publications, presentations, posters, videos and learning materials are available to search and download

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Our news articles are available to search. We post about our latest scientific advances and announcements

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