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Environmental Sustainability Sciences

Unilever’s ambition is to be the global leader in sustainable business, and we have been using life cycle assessment (LCA) approaches for many years to assess the environmental impacts of our products. Our environmental sustainability objectives, corporate reporting, and consumer communications are all informed and supported by applying LCA and environmental footprinting information.

In addition to our own scientific research, we work closely with leading scientific authorities around the world including regulators, government scientists, and academic experts. These collaborations ensure we apply the most up-to-date scientific advances within our assessments.

Our current focus is on developing and applying pioneering sustainability science for climate, nature, packaging, and product footprinting to help inform business decisions and consumer choices (via claims and labelling).

Climate image


Climate change is no longer merely a problem, it is an existential threat to humanity. Human activities and choices are causing ever-increasing…

Nature image


Degradation and loss of nature are occurring globally and at rates unprecedented in human history. The loss of natural habitats (driven…

Packaging Image


Packaging plays a vital role in the safe and efficient distribution of our products. Plastic is an important packaging material and has…



Individual consumption choices and consumer habits can mitigate environmental impacts, complementing company innovation and…

Tools & Approaches

We use a variety of tools and approaches in our environmental sustainability assessments

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