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11th International Conference on Life Cycle Management

Sustainability scientists from SEAC will be presenting at the International Conference on Life Cycle Management in Lille on 5th – 8th September. Platform presentations will focus on ecolabelling and prospective GHG portfolio assessment.

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The 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2023) is taking place in Lille on 5th – 8th September. This conference series is a leading forum for environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Unilever’s involvement at LCM 2023 will include two platform presentations allowing us to share our research on ecolabelling – specifically rating methodologies, and prospective GHG portfolio assessment - exploring Net Zero trajectories. Our research contributes to advancing the implementation of life cycle approaches to inform business and consumer decision making. We are looking forward to discussions at the conference.

Wednesday 6th September 2023

14:00 – 15:30: Collaboration along the value chain in retail through LCM

#434 - Navigating the coming paradigm shift in food ecolabelling – considerations from the science basis. Maëlys Courtat1,2, P. James Joyce2, Sarah Sim2, Jhuma Sadhukhan1, Richard Murphy1 (1Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Surrey, 2Unilever)

Friday 8th September 2023

13:30 – 15:00: Valorization of LCA results in a LCM perspective (2)

#468 - A novel modelling approach to assess the role of product innovation and supply chain programmes to achieve Corporate Net Zero commitments. Clare Josephine Rodseth1, P James Joyce1, Giles Rigarlsford1, Henry King1 (Unilever)

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